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Victory is a Detroit-native who has been performing since the young age of four years old. She was raised in a musical family of nine children and two loving parents. Victory’s parents made it their mission to educate her and her siblings in the wonders of music. As a result, she has performed all over the country and on national television. Victory’s music is a fusion between Soul music and Folk Music. Whether Victory is performing classics or original compositions, she has a way of tailoring each song with her voice and guitar to fit her unique style. Some people say that Victory is in the lane of Tracy Chapman, Roberta Flack, and Nina Simone. But beyond those three, Victory brings an entirely new youthful element to the music world, an indescribable spiritual depth mixed with her youthful interpretation of sound influencing her artistic expressions. Moreover, Victory colors a lot of her musical arrangements with rich jazz chords as she is rooted and grounded in Jazz tradition.

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