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the narrative

The Rising Musical Family Debut is a concert that showcases the phenomenon of the musical family and its relationship to the world of music. Musical families historically have played a great role in the music industry and have greatly influenced artistic styles, genres and sounds. Since some of the best music is created as a group activity, a family, which is a natural group, can be in a superior situation to produce great music. Especially when they are guided by strong and dedicated parents or teachers with musical interests.


The Rising Musical Family Debut will demonstrate and share with audiences the experience of being in the center of the musical family journey. They will be able to witness what it’s like to be a part of a family where everybody around you is talented and where you wake up in the morning and people are singing, writing and playing instruments.


The audiences will see what it’s like to have music as a refuge and shelter during times of family pain, trouble and separation. For the large musical family, music is not just a hobby, it’s the proverbial family farm. It’s the means by which family survives. Everyone has to make a contribution. Everyone has to plant in the fields and reap the harvest. Music becomes the family’s commodity for trading in the community marketplace.


The show will primarily feature the original music of the Boyd Family. Joining the Boyd Family will be a variety of other artists who are either part of the extended musical family of the Boyds, or who have experienced a similar background growing up in the arts.


Most people have heard of musical families and have felt their impact in the music that they listen to. Now is the time to share the secret recipe and the behind the scenes story. This show will articulate this great narrative in a very profound and creative way, creating original music in real time right on the stage as musical families are capable of doing.

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