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Liberty E. Boyd is a beautiful mezzo-soprano who also sings alto. She is the oldest of the nine Boyd children and performs with Infinity's Song on Saturday mornings in New York City's Central Park. Liberty has also performed with Peace Industry Music Group as well as The Boyd's For Praise Company, which was based in Detroit, Michigan, and the Perfect Blend Group, which was based in Silverwood, Michigan. (The Boyd's For Praise Company and the Perfect Blend Group are a couple of the first Boyd Family Bands.)


Liberty's favorite genres of music are gospel, jazz, and classical. She loves to sing, but Liberty especially loves to sing to little children to calm them down when they are sad and/or crying. She also loves to praise and worship God. Liberty enjoys singing original songs written by her parents and by herself. She graduated from Bible college - Summit International School of Ministry - in Grantville, Pennsylvania with the class of 2015. Liberty Boyd is a great role model for her generation and prayerfully for many more to come.

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